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sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017

EL BOLETÍN DE PETA____Elephants Still Hit, Shocked, and Forced to Perform in Circuses!

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De: PETA E-News <do-not-reply@peta.org>
Enviado: sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017 0:34
Para: Maria Antonia Pons
Asunto: Elephants Still Hit, Shocked, and Forced to Perform in Circuses!


Libby with Cruel Trainer

Venues: Step Up and Don't Let This Circus Abuse Animals on Your Watch

The elephant exhibitor hired by Garden Bros. Circus has been caught shocking elephants with electric prods while they scream in pain. Urge the venues that plan to host this circus to require that scheduled performances not use animals.

Casey Affleck on Circuses

Oscar Nominee Casey Affleck Shares What Life Is Like for Captive Animals in the Circus

Casey Affleck's character in the award-winning film Manchester by the Sea shares something with animals in circuses—a broken spirit. The actor now joins PETA in speaking up for all animals who are beaten, held in tiny cages, and forced to perform in circuses.

Spay and Neuter

Help 'Snip' Some Cats and Dogs

Make a life-changing gift today to help strengthen PETA's vital spay/neuter work for animals in need.

Chicks in Barrel

Chicks Crushed, Drowned, and Burned to Death for Eggs and Meat

Video footage taken inside hatcheries and on farms in India reveals that workers callously tossed live chicks who were sick, deformed, "low-grade," or male—who are deemed worthless by the industry—into trash bins, grinders, fire pits, and even fish ponds to be eaten alive.


After PETA Controversy, Linda Bean Quietly Offloads Lobster Business

Following PETA protests and a barrage of nearly 76,000 e-mails from supporters like you, Linda Bean had a change of plans for her lobster and crab slaughterhouse. Share the news and take action to help us achieve even more for animals.

Grandma Tells Story of Wool Scarf

Grandma's Hand-Knit Scarf: Sweet Gesture or Gruesome Nightmare?

Think wool is just a harmless haircut? Watch Oscar-nominated actor June Squibb share the horror story behind the beautiful scarf that she knitted with Girl Meets World's August Maturo—it's guaranteed to make you think twice about wool.

Bullfighter in Ring With Bull

Bullfighter Who Declared Bulls Don't Have Rights Catches Heavy Dose of Karma (Video)

Because of low attendance, shifting public opinion, and the efforts of PETA and fellow animal rights organizations, many bullrings have closed around the world—and with your help, bulls soon won't have to defend themselves against heartless bullfighters anywhere.

Dog Struggling to Eat

Eyewitness Footage of Cruelty to Dogs in a U.S. Laboratory

Golden retrievers at Texas A&M University are bred to develop a form of muscular dystrophy that ravages their bodies. Yet the cruel experiments on these dogs haven't led to a cure or even a treatment to reverse disease symptoms—you can help stop this.

Urgent Action Needed

bullet Urge Fairs to Cancel Cruel Shark Encounters
bullet Bears Held Captive and Forced to Perform Need Help Before Monday
bullet Ask Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China
bullet Tell Designer Michael Kors to Stop Selling Fur