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martes, 14 de marzo de 2017


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De: Lyn - Animals Australia <enquiries@animalsaustralia.org>
Enviado: miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017 2:39
Para: sammyle2009@hotmail.com
Asunto: Get this on tv!
Ducks in danger.

Animals Australia If you wouldn't call shooting a defenceless animal 'fun', help us put this on TV:

Help us protect native waterbirds from cruel 'recreational' slaughter.

See the TV ad »

As you read this, shooters are preparing to descend on Victoria's peaceful wetlands to kill native waterbirds. I know from experience that it is the 'lucky' ones who will die quickly. Others will escape only to suffer shattered bills, fractured limbs, pellets through their eyes and gunshot lodged in vital organs... No bird is safe. Every year 'non target' animals including swans and threatened species are also shot and left for dead.

This suffering could so easily be prevented.

But instead of making duck shooting illegal (as it is in several states), the Victorian Government has bowed to pressure from the shooting lobby — again. In fact, if you pay taxes in Victoria, your hard-earned money has been used by the VIC Government to facilitate children as young as 12 engaging in this bloodsport.

There's one person who could end the violence, Premier Daniel Andrews. We've made a TV ad just for him.

We're calling on Premier Andrews to use his power to protect Victoria's wildlife. To prevent more waterbirds from being needlessly killed; their families literally torn apart; and their homes left a polluted wasteland.

One day we will look back in disbelief that anyone used to shoot frightened animals and call it 'fun'. But today, these animals need us.

Please help us send this powerful message on their behalf.

With gratitude,
Lyn White AM
Campaign Director

P.S. I've no doubt this needless slaughter will end. The only question is how many more 'open seasons' Governments will allow before it does. Duck shooting has already been banned on cruelty grounds in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Adding Victoria to that list will be a turning point. Please help us convince Premier Andrews that ending Australia's biggest remaining 'recreational' waterbird slaughter would be celebrated far and wide.

Animals Australia