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lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

ELEFANTES BEBÉ TORTURADOS CON LÁTIGOS Y GARFIOS_____Baby elephants tortured with bullhooks and whips

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De: Lacey K., Care2 Action Alerts <actionalerts@care2.com>
Enviado: lunes, 24 de abril de 2017 14:09
Para: Tania Pons
Asunto: Baby elephants tortured with bullhooks and whips

Don't let the Hanover Zoo abuse baby elephants!

Hanover Zoo, Don't Abuse Baby Elephants!
Sign Now

Baby elephants forced to perform tricks for tourists. Baby elephants hit with whips and bullhooks. One baby elephant was even dragged around by its neck until it cried out in pain.

These are the images captured in a recent video showing what happens behind the scenes at the Hanover Zoo. Elephants should never be kept in zoos, but especially not at a zoo that uses violence to make them do tricks for the crowds.

Care2 member and elephant lover Rita was so horrified when she saw the video that she created a petition demanding that the Hanover Zoo stop abusing and exploiting its elephants. Will you sign her petition?

While the zoo director claims the elephants have not been forced to perform in shows for over a decade, the zoo has turned their feeding time into a spectacle. The elephants apparently are trained to "establish a relationship between humans and animals" so that they behave well during these feedings.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals with close bonds to the other members of their herd. In the wild, they roam for miles every day grazing and playing with their family. They should never be forced to perform cheap tricks, and definitely not whipped and prodded with bullhooks.

If enough people around the world speak out, the Hanover Zoo will be forced to stop abusing and forcing their elephants to do unnatural tricks. So sign this petition today to save the Hanover Zoo elephants.

Thank you,

  Lacey K.
The Care2 Petitions Team