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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Stop the flying fox slaughter

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Los matan porque creen que comiendo su carne no tendrán asma!!!!!

De: Alex B., Care2 Action Alerts <actionalerts@care2.com>
Enviado: viernes, 30 de junio de 2017 13:05
Para: Tania Pons
Asunto: Stop the flying fox slaughter

The government of Indonesia needs to end this slaughter before it's too late.

Indonesia: End the Flying Fox Slaughter in Sumatra
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The flying fox of Sumatra are social, fruit-eating bats crucial to the island's ecosystem. But they're also on their way to being a threatened species, with most colonies down to a tenth of what they once were.

The reason? These cute bats are being slaughtered for their meat because of a superstition claiming their meat cures asthma. This is a medical myth that holds no basis in fact and the bats are paying for it with their lives.

What's worse is that the government of Indonesia is doing nothing about it. Bats are caught by the hundreds and transported many miles awaiting their unfortunate end. Many die along the way and the ones who make it are often skinned alive before their meat is sold.

This fruit bat trade is going on without any government intervention. Despite the fact that these fruit bats are classified as near threatened, the government is turning a blind eye as this species is slaughtered.

Flying foxes deserve our respect and protection. We must speak up as an international community to ensure the government acts now, before it's too late to save this crucial species.

Add your voice for bats by signing the petition calling on the Indonesian government to protect this incredible animal and ban the capture and sale of the flying fox.

Thank you,

  Alex B.
The Care2 Petitions Team