Ayuda, faltan muchas firmas todavía, es para prohibir el tiro al pichón (palomas y codornices matadas a tiros como si fuera el tiro al plato), podeis firmar aquí en change.org, no hace falta poner DNI

jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

NOTICIAS DESDE EL PARAISO, BALI:____News just in from Bali...

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Parecen que los gobernantes de Bali se están empezando a mover en contra de la matanza de perros y gatos para consumo humano...

De: Lyn - Animals Australia <info@animalsaustralia.org>
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Asunto: News just in from Bali...
A historic Summit for Bali's dogs.
Animals Australia

RIGHT NOW in Bali...

As you read this, a formal recommendation is being drafted to the Governor of Bali to shut down the brutal dog meat trade.

This is a milestone. And everything you've done to support our work for dogs in Bali has led to this tipping point.

Last week we presented shocking evidence to a packed Summit of Bali government officials, health authorities, tourism bodies and community leaders. Never before have officials of this calibre come together for these dogs. The atmosphere was at times sorrowful. But by the end of the day, attendees were united that the dog meat trade must end.

Among seven recommendations being put to the Governor are that:

  1. Eating dog meat is at odds with Balinese culture
  2. Killing and eating dogs should be prohibited in Bali
  3. The community should be educated in all aspects of animal welfare and ethics

There's never been progress like this for animals in Bali. After Animals International's Veterinary Director spoke at the Summit, one very influential community leader approached her and said, 'Thank you for finally making this public. It must stop'.

We've always known that public exposure is a catalyst for change. And now, with overwhelming support for change, the fate of dogs in Bali's meat trade now rests with just one person.

The Governor of Bali still has ultimate power to help these dogs. Our job is to remove every obstacle, to line up everything needed, so that when the decision is made, the odds are stacked firmly in favour of animals. This Summit was a critical next step ... but until the Governor signs off on these recommendations, our work is not done.

We'll be staying the course in Bali. Thank you for enabling us to do so.
Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

Animals Australia