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lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

UPDATE: Puppies poisoned for dog meat

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De: Lyn - Animals Australia <info@animalsaustralia.org>
Enviado: viernes, 30 de junio de 2017 6:28
Para: sammyle2009@hotmail.com
Asunto: UPDATE: Puppies poisoned for dog meat
URGENT - Puppies are being poisoned
Animals Australia

Puppies are still being poisoned with cyanide. We can stop this.

Since you spoke out for Bali's threatened dogs, it's getting harder and harder for the dog meat industry to remain hidden.

The Bali Government, the dog catching gangs, and even the tourism industry have not had a moment's reprieve. Every day, more and more people join your calls. And coverage of Animals Australia's investigation continues to make global headlines.

But while this brutal dog meat trade continues — so does the cruelty.

We are seeing that it's not just 'dogs' who are victim to the brutal dog meat trade. Some hunters won't hesitate to target defenceless puppies for what little flesh hangs off their small bodies.

Donate One gang on our radar is feeding poisoned baits laced with cyanide to trusting village dogs and puppies. The effects of cyanide is beyond devastating. Foaming at the mouth is accompanied by panic, collapse, laboured breathing, and culminating in a slow and excruciating death.

We are at a critical moment in time. Urgent support is needed to keep our investigators in the field, and to assist the efforts of Animals Australia's Veterinary Director on the ground in Bali.

Can you assist our efforts? Any gift you can make today can help save more puppies from having to endure a slow and painful death.

Thank you so much for caring,
Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

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