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jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Animals Poisoned, Electrocuted, Skinned, and Sold in Stores

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De: PETA E-News <do-not-reply@peta.org>
Asunto: Animals Poisoned, Electrocuted, Skinned, and Sold in Stores


Fox at Fur Farm

Department Store Continues to Sell Fur, Despite Knowing How It's Produced

Tell Bon-Ton to stop selling fur stolen from animals and supporting an industry that suffocates, poisons, genitally electrocutes, and skins animals for fashion.

Banned Super Bowl Ads

BANNED: PETA's Super Bowl Ads Deemed Too Hot for the Big Game

Models get naughty with vegetables, a pizza delivery guy can't deliver "the sausage," and coeds bare their udders (yes, udders): These are just some of the images from PETA's playful ads that you'll miss during this year's Super Bowl. Not afraid of the heat?

Cat from Caboodle ranch

Help Animals Every Day of 2017

Support PETA's critical Investigations & Rescue Fund with a monthly gift and help us prevent animals from suffering—no matter what, no matter where.


WATCH: Grammy-Winning Hip-Hop Star Stands Up for Neglected Dogs

Recently, Eve saw PETA's video footage of neglected dogs who are left outside 24/7 in the freezing cold and the sweltering heat. See how she reacts to the footage, and find out how you can turn your sadness and anger into action, too.

Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Gear Up for Super Bowl LI 'Vegan-Style' With These 50 Winning Recipes

Score a touchdown for your taste buds by trying these tasty ideas during your next football game celebration—try the spicy buffalo cauliflower wings, loaded nachos with cashew cheese, vegan corn dogs, stuffed chocolate-chip cookies, and so much more.

Capuchin Monkey in Lab

Massachusetts Supreme Court to Hear PETA Lawsuit on Primates in Labs

While PETA takes primate abusers to court, you can take them on yourself—help shut down Florida's infamous primate dealer Primate Products, Inc.

Granny Pottymouth is Back

Back by Popular Demand: Granny PottyMouth Tackles Chicken Wings (NSFW)

Tens of millions of people saw PETA's viral "Tofucken" video, and now—just in time for the Super Bowl—your favorite cursing granny is back with a new recipe for game day.

Valentine's Day Card With Chimpanzee

Ask American Greetings to Show Love for Chimpanzees This Valentine's Day

American Greetings features chimpanzees on Valentine's Day cards, birthday cards, and more in stores across the country, sending a harmful message to the public—urge the company to stop selling all cards featuring chimpanzees immediately.

Urgent Action Needed

bullet Urge Georgia State University to Say No to Cruel UniverSoul Circus
bullet Gasoline Poured Into Burrows of Wildlife in Texas: Speak Out Now
bullet Tell T.J.Maxx's Parent Company to Stop Selling Angora and Fur
bullet Ask Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Bears and Mountain Lions to Reputable Sanctuaries