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lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Adiós Tilikum____Tilikum, SeaWorld's Most Exploited Orca, Has Died

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De: PETA <do-not-reply@peta.org>
Enviado: viernes, 6 de enero de 2017 20:12
Para: Tania Pons
Asunto: Tilikum, SeaWorld's Most Exploited Orca, Has Died
Action Alert: Make a Real Difference for Animals From Your Computer! A Kinder World for Animals Is Just a Few Clicks Away .

PETA's animal rights campaigns include ending fur and leather use meat and dairy consumption fishing hunting trapping factory farming circuses bull fighting rodeos and animal experimentation

Action Alert

Ask SeaWorld to immediately set in place a firm and rapid plan to release all the animals to sanctuaries where they will be given a semblance of the natural life they have been denied for so long.

Dear friend,

Tilikum—the ‘star’ of Blackfish, the damning documentary about SeaWorld’s miserable practice of ripping orca babies from their ocean families and then breeding them in captivity—is dead following decades of exploitation in the marine-mammal abusement industry.

Tilikum died without ever again knowing freedom, along with 11 of his children who died prematurely before him and leaving 10 more who will continue to suffer in tiny concrete tanks.

PETA is calling on SeaWorld to do the right thing and move the remaining orcas to coastal sanctuaries, where they could enjoy a more natural life, and on caring people to shun facilities that enslave animals for our “entertainment.”

Thank you for your compassion for animals.


John Di Leonardo Siganture
John Di Leonardo
Animals in Entertainment Campaigner
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.

MÁS DE 3 TONELADAS DE TROZOS DE PANGOLÍN_____Over 3 tons of dead pangolin body parts

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De: Alex B., Care2 Action Alerts <actionalerts@care2.com>
Enviado: viernes, 6 de enero de 2017 13:10
Para: Tania Pons
Asunto: Over 3 tons of dead pangolin body parts

Full participation of these governments is essential to protecting this amazing animal.

Save Pangolins from the Illegal Wildlife Trade
Sign Now

Pangolins are amongst the most trafficked mammals in Asia. These rare creatures have been illegally hunted to near extinction, all for the supposed medicinal properties of their scales.

Now pangolins are critically endangered and there's no time to spare for action.

The scale of the illegal wildlife trade for pangolins is shocking. Just recently, officials seized more than three tons of dead pangolin body parts. As many as about 7,500 pangolins would have been murdered for just this one shipment of scales.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) have granted the strictest possible protections for all species of pangolins. But it's not enough.

Counties where the illegal pangolin trade is prevalent need to step up protection efforts. That means China, Vietnam and Indonesia, where pangolin scales are in high demand for traditional medicine.

International protections are only going so far, and full participation of government is essential to protecting this amazing animal.

Please add your voice so that we can show these governments that they need to take action for pangolins. Tell the governments of China, Vietnam and Indonesia to develop comprehensive and effective strategies to end the illegal trafficking of pangolins.

Thank you,

  Alex B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

El boletín de PETA____Bulls Forced to Drink Liquor, Beaten, and Stabbed!

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De: PETA E-News <do-not-reply@peta.org>
Enviado: sábado, 14 de enero de 2017 0:35
Para: Tania Pons
Asunto: Bulls Forced to Drink Liquor, Beaten, and Stabbed!


Bulls Tortured at Festival

Bulls Forced to Drink Liquor and Tortured at Festival in Mexico

Every February, bulls in Mexico are forced to drink liquor and then chased, beaten, and stabbed. In addition, their tails are often broken. Some residents even throw bricks at the animals. Tell the mayor of Tlacotalpan to stop this horrific event.


In Death, Tilikum the Orca Is Finally Free

After 33 years in captivity, Tilikum—who was the subject of Blackfish—is dead. #RIPTilikum

2017 Membership Card

Make Your Commitment to Animals for 2017

Together, we can make the world a better place for all beings. Your gift to PETA will go to work instantly to prevent animals from suffering and dying on farms, in the fur industry, in laboratories, in circuses, and elsewhere.

Two Week Vegan Meal Plan

This Two-Week Vegan Meal Plan Is Exactly What You Need to Start the New Year

Don't worry—we even have you covered with snacks and desserts, too.

Penguins Denied Fresh Drinking Water

Behind the Scenes at Animal Supplier for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and More

Now that you've taken action for animals exploited for the film and television industries, share the investigation so that others can speak up for the dogs, pigs, birds, and other animals who are mistreated and neglected for entertainment.


Einstein Bros. Bagels, Please Add Vegan Cream Cheese

Demand for dairy-free foods is at an all-time high, and companies are responding. Urge Einstein Bros. Bagels to join Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, and thousands of other companies that are adding dairy-free options to their menus.

Squirrel in Snow

How We Can All Help Strays, 'Backyard Dogs,' and Wildlife This Winter

A lot of us are experiencing frigid temperatures right now that make it difficult even to step outside—and it's crucial that we remember all the animals who have no choice but to live outside 24/7 and know how to help them.

How Canada Goose Jackets Are Made

What if Everyone Watched THIS Before Buying a Canada Goose Jacket?

Help expose the cruelty behind global retailer Canada Goose, which uses inhumane fur and down in its jackets, by sharing this video today.

Dogs in the Lab

URGENT: Dogs Need Us to Close Cruel Laboratories at Texas A&M University Now

You've spoken up for the golden retrievers purposely bred to develop muscular dystrophy, which ravages their bodies and can make it a struggle for them even to walk or eat. Share the video to expose the cruelty now.

Kitten Squad

The Kitten Squad Needs YOU—Will You Accept This Call to Arms?

PETA's popular free game Kitten Squad is now available on PC, MAC, and iOS and Android devices. Now everybody can try out those crazy carrot launchers and yarn-ball guns to rescue animals.

Urgent Action Needed

bullet Urge Bands to Bail on SeaWorld’s ‘Praise Wave’ Concert
bullet Ask Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Bears and Mountain Lions to Reputable Sanctuaries
bullet Tell the Indian Government to Close Abusive Horse Facilities
bullet Let's Urge Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China



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De: Change.org <reply@exacttarget.change.org>
Enviado: viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016 8:11
Para: sammyle2009@hotmail.com
Asunto: El Mejor Deseo para el Año Nuevo.

No le Ates acaba de publicar una actualización sobre la petición "Gobierno de España: HAGAMOS QUE EL ENCADENAMIENTO SEA INCLUÍDO COMO MALTRATO ANIMAL"

El Mejor Deseo para el Año Nuevo.

Estimados amigos/as: Hemos alcanzado la cifra de 10.747 firmantes y habéis sido vosotros, uno a uno, firmando y difundiendo esta petición. Hoy enviaremos una carta al Sr. Consejero D. Francisco Martínez Arroyo para que el encadenamiento sea incluído como maltrato en la nueva Ley de Protección Animal de Castilla la Mancha. A todos, los mejores deseos para el Año que comienza y gracias, de nuevo...

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